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Embroidery Video Tutorials!

I am thrilled out of my head to finally have long-asked-for video tutorials for you! Shot beautifully by KIN Community, these are the first three in a series of eight. They are short, sweet and show you how to do some of my most basic (and not-so-obvious) tricks. Fun music, too! You know I like that...

Embroidery 101:

Five Most Common Embroidery Stitches:


Three Ways to Transfer an Embroidery Pattern:

Five more videos are coming! Until then, want to see some behind-the-scenes snaps? Follow me...

The crew was really wonderful and fun to work with. And while everything is perfectly posed just so and beautifully arranged for the cameras, here's the real mess just beyond the frame:

It's since been neatened up. Some.

More embroidery how-to videos are coming! I can hardly wait. Until then...
Subscribe to KIN Community on YouTube! They have oodles of gorgeously shot tutorials on food, fashion and crafting. 

p.s. If you're wondering what nail polish I'm wearing, it's Essie's In Stitches. xo

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