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Sublime Stitchalong -finished!


In case you thought I'd forgotten...I finally finished my piece for the Sublime Stitchalong. I asked you to suggest what to put inside the Folk Frame and the overwhelming vote was for some satin-stitched initials. Okay then, here they are! Now, before you ooh and ah and too kindly tell me how perfect my satin stitching is -it's not. I sweated this one! I'll say it's perfectly imperfect. Hm. I still need to outline that one heart to match the other one.

Whose initials are these?

Dear ol' dad's. Happy Father's Day, everyone!

x - x - x 

Want to see a truly perfect example of satin stitch? (See the vintage example at the end.)

Want to know how this stitchalong got started

Wanna see your own posts of the stitchalong?

When is the next stitchalong? I'll let you know with more advance warning. Promise. This was the first one, and many of you have asked me to do it again. I will soon. xo

p.s! I forgot to mention: What am I going to do with it? Hmm. I think I'll frame it. Good thing there will soon be a video tutorial like these for how to frame your work! 

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