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Images of Embroidering

Almost as much as I enjoy looking at embroidery, I enjoy images of people embroidering. It's such a graceful and peaceful-looking gesture...


Are you feeling that, too? Mmhm. Can't wait until work is over, can find a quiet moment to yourself, no disturbances...

Information on these images: 1) Vintage needle books - more via SeeSaw 2) Woman Embroidering in Evening Gown (detail) - Cecil Beaton for Vogue - 1944 © Condé Nast 3) Vintage embroidery set -surprise gift from Heidi Kinney of My Paper Crane (thanks, Heidi!) 4-5) left: (photographer / source unknown) right: me embroidering for my Baby Bib Kit booklet 6) Young women embroidering, Kozienice, Poland, 1920s

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  • nancy on

    enjoyed images of embroidering especially the cecil beaton photograph. n

  • Jen on

    Thanx for sharing!! It’s absolutely true that I can’t wait to find time to work on my embroidery as soon as I get home. Listening to audio books (I even multitask when relaxing)!!

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