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New 'Specially-Made Pillowcases!


Man, whatta pain. You know what I'm talking about. The struggles we go through to embroider the end of a pillowcase. You have to stitch through two layers (mmrphf), and you have to do that thing where your fabric is stretched only partly across the hoop.

Well, here at Sublime Stitching Embroidery Textile Technology Labs & Entertainment LLC ® we have a new development for you:

Whaaat? Howzat happen? I'm so confused! Dude! It's a fold-over pillowcase! Here, I'll show you...

See? You just slip your hoop inside, and can use the excess from the backside to fully hoop the fabric. Like this:

You can go past the end crease so your stitching goes all the way to the edge (and so does your hoop)! Much better. While others are researching sub-atomic particles to understand the makeup of the universe, our scientific efforts are devoted to making your embroidery better.

>> Pillowcases for Embroidery 

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Hmm? What's that? The pattern? Oh, do you like it? You want to know what it is do you? Well, then I guess you'll have to come back next week to see what the new set of patterns is! Maybe I'll be doing some sort of give-away too. You never know...xo

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