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New Video Tutorial || Framing Your Embroidery


Why, just the other day on the Sublime Stitching Facebook page I was asked "how to I frame my embroidery"? So glad you asked! It just so happens that my latest (and last) video for Kin DIY shows you how:

Watch > > How To Frame Your Embroidery

But! This is not just a story about how to frame your embroidery. It's a moving tale of how one tiny, scared, fire-scorched (really) back-alley stray kitten sought shelter and the kindness of strangers -only to find herself in front of the bright lights and movie cameras!

Stray kitten one day, huge video-internet-celebrity the next! Photo by @mrmahar 

(If you got this newsletter or follow me on instagram @sublimestitching -you know all about Cleo. She's much bigger now.) 

All videos in my series for Kin DIY:

I am going to add all of the videos to the How-To section here on the site with additional notes! Won't that be nice? I'll let you know when. xo

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