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Giveaway! Vintage Magazines (ended)

Last Saturday I did a bit of garage saling. Lucky me, I found a hee-yuge stash of vintage needlework magazines! These are old issues of McCall's Needlework for Knitting, Crochet, Home Arts & Crafts dating from 1947-1951.

Lucky YOU: I'm giving most of them away! Get excited right

They are full of fun, stylish illustrations and eye-candy! I have to confess that I love the ads even more than the articles. Especially this one:

Surrealist-inspired yarn ads? Yes please. Thank you.

I came away with nine issues from the sale (there was a huge box, but I practiced some restraint). Out of these nine, I'm keeping only three for myself. They have bold, beautiful covers and are hugely entertaining to peruse. I already have quite a lot of magazines like these, so I thought I'd share some of my stash with you!

♥ For this giveaway, each winner will receive two magazines ♥


Comment to win! (Do just one of these things -not all three, silly):

> Tweet - "Ooh! I wanna to win your stash of vintage needlework magazines!" to @sublimestitch via twitter.

> Facebook - Comment below the post announcing the giveaway on the Sublime Stitching Facebook page.

> Comment on this blog post! Please note: comments don't appear immediately. They are moderated first, so don't panic if your comment doesn't show up right away, and please don't comment more than once. Also, not all earliest-made comments may appear (they're getting bumped off at the bottom - need to fix that). Don't worry if you can't find your earlier comment! We can see ALL comments that have been made on our side. Promise! 

Comments will be closed on Wednesday 8/1/12 at 12 Noon PST. Three winners will be picked and announced right here by Thursday 8/2/12 7pm PST. Good luck!

WHOAH. There were over 800 comments made via twitter, facebook and the blog for this giveaway. Winners are picked at random. I cover my eyes, scroll around a bit, jump around three times, hop on one leg, point at the screen and open my eyes...

Amy Cullen! Check you out! (via Facebook)

Sara Rae Shields! Can you buhleeve it? (via Twitter)

Karen Shawn! C'mon down! (via the blog)

You three lucky ladies will each receive two vintage magazines. Everyone else...don't think I forgot about you!

Enter IMAWINNER2 for 10% off woven labels, good now through this Sunday 8/05/2012! Howsat?

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