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New PDF Patterns! Hairstyles Series!


New PDF patterns! Portraits of ladies with stylin' bygone hairstyles! I have wanted to do a series like this for a long time. I finally just swept aside everything on my desk and did it. So, how does my hair look?

I know what you're thinking: "OOoh! Ooh! You should totally do a...this and then do a...that!" Calm down, little stitcher. They are already in the works! This will be a series through time...First, you need to embroider these! I can't wait to do them myself...

Special notes!

  • Big, full-page patterns! The first portraits I've done for you! They'll be very easy to trace.
  • Alternate versions! One versions says the name of the hairstyle, the other has a floral border.
  • There four color versions of each lady including a punk / goth colorway. You know: pink hair, black lipstick...I couldn't resist.
All right then, get yourself the first two in the series!

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