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I can't believe I stitched the WHOLE thing.


Ulgh. This heat wave. But ooh! That finger wave! It was so uncomfortably hot in the Sublime Stitching studio on Tuesday, I sent Stephanie home to her air-conditioned apartment, and retreated to my own air-conditioned living room. Since there was nothing else I could do but stay in the a/c I took full advantage of the situation to do some serious embroidering. Um...six hours of it.

I didn't intend to stitch for that long. It just sorta happened. 

All right then. > Cracking knuckles like pianist before a concert < Let's do this. I have been dying to stitch up the new Hairstyles Patterns.

So I started stitching...and kept stitching.

Six hours later (with breaks, of course)...

...I can't believe I stitched the whole thing. Boy does that feel good. 

Honestly, I'm not a speed-stitcher. And I almost never have time to stitch for this long. Typically I stitch only for one hour before I have to take a break, remember some bill I forgot to pay, or get pulled away in some other fashion. This was just one of those rare times when I was able to work undisturbed, got super settled in and couldn't stop until the whole thing was DONE, dangit.

You don't have to do this project in one sitting all crazypants like I did (in fact, you probably shouldn't), but you can totally do this. 

Supplies Used:

TIP: You can stitch the entire pattern in just one color and it will still look amazing. And yes, I'm using all six strands on my pillow. I like the chunky, full look it gives, and the pattern is large enough that you don't need to worry about fine details.

Stitches Used:

Additional Instructions:

Three Ways to Transfer Embroidery Patterns (video)

x - x - x 

Show me when you're finished! I'll put my favorite examples (especially with different hair colors) in the Customer Gallery. Now I'm gonna do "The Bob" so I have a matching set. > Retreating back into the a/c < 

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