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Mystery Dress

photo : Aga Tomaszek

Isn't this lovely? Only, I don't know who took this photo, who the woman is, or the story behind the dress. Tried tineye, image search, asking the person who posted the image on instgram (who's overseas), and no dice. Maybe one day, we'll know. Until then, I'll just make up a nice story about what I imagine this scene to be...

(Pure conjecture) This is a beautiful, DIY wedding in...oh, let's say it's Holland. There's bunting strewn along the bordering hedge, and this is the bride wearing a dress she modified with salvaged cross-stitch her dear, grandmother...let's make it her great-grandmother stitched once upon a time. A crown of braids, some wild flowers, and a beautiful small ceremony. Everyone drank wine, danced and dined on the lawn until fireflies appeared, children fell asleep under the trees and the bride and groom nuzzled dreamily.

How's that? I hope that's the real story. Anyone with information / attribution of this image, please comment!

UPDATE! In less than 10 minutes, an eagle-eyed reader remembered where she saw it and sent the link! Thank you, Aileen!

Vintage Embroidered Tablecloth Wedding Dress

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