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New Artist Series - ERIN PAISLEY!


Are you as excited as I am to finally have Erin Paisley's work in the Artist Series? I dunno...I'm pretttty pretty pretty danged giddy about it! >biting nails< I have admired Erin's artwork and embroidery for several years. I'm not the only one -she has quite the fan following. Her work is disarmingly simple and sweet but has a style all of its own.

I'm going to blog more about Erin and her work -I just didn't want to delay getting these patterns up on the site for you!


Let's see it again without all the lettering...

There are three more animal heads on the sheet, and the PDF includes four different lovely laurels that are sized large enough to fit around the heads on the transfer sheet. (The PDF patterns always run a little smaller, but I kept the laurels big so you could mix and match them with the transfers). That's an 8" hoop, and if you want to brush up on your satin stitch, check my Satin Stitch Tutorial.

Check back! I'm stitching ALL OF THEM UP! (Psst. Instagram for progress reports.)

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