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Sublime Floss - Bunting Celebration


I wanted to stitch something that would show off all the new Sublime Floss color palettes at once. Something simple, something pretty. Bunting! Everybody is all goofy for bunting these days. Seemed like the perfect solution! Celebratory, decorative, eye candy. Let's do this.

For the design, I turned to my sketchbook:

In the evenings, I like to draw. I have pages and pages of lines drawings like these in my sketchbook. They're meditative, loose and just grow all by themselves. Hm. Kind of look like satin stitches. So, I made a slightly more "bunting-like version" based on my drawings:

My stitches are deliberately unfussy, and I left space in-between them in some parts. The lines wander, and I didn't worry about having perfectly clean edges. This was really relaxing to stitch over three or four evenings, and I plan on framing it. From top to bottom is every palette of Sublime Floss! 

This design, including which palette is used where (it's the same order as they appear here), now automatically comes free when you purchase all nine Sublime Floss Palettes together here. If you already bought all of them, don't worry -we're emailing the PDF to you asap. Or, you can easily freehand a similar design yourself with some carbon transfer paper!

Here's what I used:

Or, you can also use:

These tutorials should come in handy:

Have fun! And if you just want a free design, there's always one available to you here. xo

Which is your favorite palette? Mine is a tie between Flowerbox and Parlour. What's yours?

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