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Going BIG


For tomorrow night's official Sublime Floss Launch Party at Sew LA, I decided bigger was better. 

Don't you agree?

I'm making two giant skeins to display as party decorations! I have always wanted to do this.

Want to make your own giant skeins of embroidery floss (why not?) you'll need:

  • 75' of polypropylene rope
  • 1 white mailing tube 3" in diameter and at least 17" in length
  • four zip ties
  • clear packing tape
I set two paint cans on the floor, about five feet apart from each other and used them as anchors for wrapping the skein of rope. Then, I bound the ends with two zip ties where the label would go. Next, I cut the mailing tube with a fine-toothed hacksaw into sections 8.5" long (the same width as a sheet of paper). Slit the tube lengthwise, open up slightly (without cracking the cardboard) and slip over the ends of your skein where the zip ties are. Tape neatly along the slit (it won't close entirely). Print out labels of your own making from a standard printer on index and wrap around the cardboard tube, covering the slit section that exposes the rope. Tape in place and voilà! Giant skein of embroidery floss.

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