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Merry Stitchmas! And Hoopy New Year.


The elves have gone home for the holidays and the Sublime Stitching workshop has gone quiet. We are settling down for a much-needed snuggle-in with loved ones, shaking presents and eating too many cookies before bedtime.

Every year, I trot out the same old puns like "Merry Stitchmas", "Handmade Hannukah", "Krafty Kwaanza" get the idea. I'm rather proud of my new one though. "Hoopy New Year"! Geddit? Groan? I think it's a good one. Get used to it, 'cause I'm using it again next year.

Are you getting panicky about your order? Don't worry. Orders were filled until the verrry last minute. I'll keep an eye on emails just in case any total embroidery meltdowns are happening. We will resume shipping on December 12/27/12.

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