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It's 2013! Are you ready?

It's an easy resolution to keep. I promise. 


So many of you have said "this is the year I'm going to learn to embroider." I know you have. You say it to me. Well, I'm going to hold you to it. The starter kit you need is right here. It's 2013 people. It's the year of embroidery! Well, every year is for me. It's really nice. Could be that way for you, too!

> > Ultimate Embroidery Kit 

> > Embroidery How-To

What? Me? What are my resolutions? Well, heh. You know...uh. Okay, fair is fair. I have many tutorials that I never seem to get around to posting, so I'm resolving to give you more of those. Howsat? Is that a deal? xo

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