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Garbo Sews!


Apparently, the steely-eyed, smoldering Swede just vanted to be alone with needle and thread. Last month, Julien's in Beverly Hills held a huge auction of Greta Garbo's estate. I decided to peruse the catalog online, expecting to see only the finest deco jewelry, crystal and trunks of never-before-unearthed couture to be offered. What a moving surprise to see her jumbled sewing stash. This auction included the most personal effects of this supremely private person (a monogrammed baby bracelet, canceled passports, dolls, even grocery lists).

From the Julien's website:

Opening bids at $50-$100 - A collection of sewing notions including thread, scissors, closures, numerous other items. Also present are three fabric needle books. The first has a fabric cover with typed message in Swedish that translates to "Needles/ Mom/ Christmas 1938," the second is embroidered "Farmor" (Grandma) with typed message that translates to "From the little ones/ 10 Sept. 1935," and the third with cross stitched initials "ALG" for Garbo's mother, Anna Lovisa Gustafson.

Before you begin fantasizing about madly waving your bidding card in the air (just as I did), the auction for this lot closed at $1375.00 

Oh vell.

Greta Garbo Estate Auction Catalog Online (don't miss this rug)

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  • Luzmin on

    Love this post, thanks Jenny. You always have good stuff in the newsletter. It brightens my day every time!

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