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The Easiest Chain Stitch


I've done a lot of research on embroidery. More than your average embroidering bear. I've been lucky to have access to private libraries of embroidery books and have done extensive research while writing my own books. Doing so makes you feel like you know quite a bit about technique. You can compare decades of what's been published, what's not been published, how authorities differ -and you get all puffed up on yourself and think you're really smart for showing eight different ways to come out with the same stitch.

Boy do I feel stupid.

Well, "stupid" is harsh. I feel silly, stunned and totally amazed by this simple, fool-proof technique for making a chain stitch. It's a technique that a student pulled me aside and showed me during one of my classes. 

That was a while ago, and I've since forgotten her name (Laurie? Was that you?), so I hope she'll see this and comment. UPDATE: Kirstin came forward! See comments >

I just want to say that over the years while teaching, students have shown me their own tricks and techniques which results in a great back-and-forth that has been as helpful to me in my own work as I hope my instruction has been to them.

Ready to learn a technique that will change your chain stitch forever?

How-To: The Easiest Chain Stitch

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