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Embroidery Floss Tassel Necklace Redux!


Calling all bohemians! Inspired by Oh The Lovely Things, I had to try Céline's tassel necklace with one of the Sublime Floss palettes. Above is Parlour strung on a chain (I re-arranged the colors a bit and left out "Corset"). There are oodles of tutorials for making tassels online already, so why re-write them? I have tassels to make.

Each tassel is one entire skein of floss wrapped around a 3" width of cardboard. This is six-strand floss above, which looks heavier than a finer perle cotton used in Céline's tutorial. You can use any thread you want to make them longer, shorter, fatter or finer.

This was so easy to do! I can't wait to wear it! And make more. I think I'll give up embroidery and just become a tassel-maker. Master tassel-er. Tasseltière? Is that what I could call myself if I do? Hm. I bet Mingles would look extra interesting.

Are you going to set aside your embroidery to make some tassel necklaces?

p.s. I found putting the loop on a pencil after taking it off the cardboard helpful when wrapping up the end.

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