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Baseball & Embroidery!

Did you catch it? (That's a baseball joke.) ESPN hired me to embroider a portrait of Justin Verlander for a commercial that's airing now. (If you follow me on instagram, this is the secret project I was stitching a few months ago.) How'd this happen? Turns out the commercial's director, Matt Dilmore, is a huge baseball fan and fan of my work. It's a funny world.

Here's the commercial:

Meeting the deadline required two, ten-hour stitching sessions. Plus the preparation, sketch approval etc. It was grueling in the way embroidery can be, but totally enjoyable. 

Turns out, I'm a fan of Matt's work too! I love this insane commercial he directed for Dish Network. If you saw it, you probably remember it. 

So, where's the portrait? ESPN gave it to Verlander as a gift I'm told. Hope he likes it!

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