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Video: How to Transfer Embroidery Patterns / Three Methods

Want to know how to transfer a pattern onto fabric? Just watch this superquick video I did for KIN DIY! 
In just two minutes I demonstrate:
Method 1: Iron-on transfer patterns like these!
Method 2: Tracing a pattern with Carbon Transfer Paper and a Tracing Stylus
Method 3: Tracing a pattern with an Iron-On Transfer Pens and Tracing Paper
(I bet you'll watch it twice just for the music.) See? It's not as hard as you think! xo

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  • Jeni Ann on

    I bought the pens – can’t wait to use them! Yes. I did watch it again just to hear the music – Love it :o)

  • Susan on

    Super helpful, Jenny! I may be brave enough to try those transfer pens, after all! Love your stuff!!

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