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New! Reflective Thread


Reflective thread! It's made from the same safety material that glows like crazy in the dark when light hits it. Think of the safety strips on clothing that reflect very bright silvery when carlights hit them. This is made from the same stuff! 

Because this is no ordinary thread, I want to give you some tips to wrangle the tangle. You won't be able to pull it from the skein while the paper band is on it (does that ever work, anyway?) So...

...remove the paper band. It's a twisted skein. Don't pull from it yet! 

Slip your finger into one end of the skein and open it up. 

It should instantly unwind and look like this. Keep this from tangling up as you...

...wrap it around three fingers (this is what I do, even with regular floss). Store it in the bag for keeping.

Better yet, if you have some of these flat floss bobbins wrap it around one of those little guys. Now you're ready to stitch!


Like I said, this is no ordinary thread. It's not going to just stitch with complete ease like a 100% cotton floss. But, it will be worth the effort! To help smooth things along, a little Thread Heaven couldn't hurt.

What are you going to do with Reflective Embroidery Thread?

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