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You have been writing in for a looong time asking when the tote bag was going to return. Guess what? It's back! Let's size it up for you:

First: It's ALL WHITE. I thought this would be nice for your colorful stitches. Second: This is a hefty puppy. Reinforced straps mean it can tote a bottle of wine along with your other necessaries. Third: My favorite part is that the gusseted sides are so wide you could stitch them too! Personally, I think that would look really cool. Fourth: Made here in sunny Los Angeles! 

Get it here > The Most Awesome Tote Bag to Embroider!

Will it shrink? It's 100% cotton, so we advise you wash only in cold water and tumble dry low to minimize shrinkage. Shrinkage of about 3% is to be expected.

Can I dye it? Yes! As with any textile before dyeing, it's advised that you wash it first so that it's clean, and the dye takes evenly.

Should I launder it before I embroider it? This is a big question with no single, simple answer. Unless you say: yes, always wash your fabrics first. There are very good reasons for why you might want to wash any fabric before you embroider on it. That said, I uh, never do. I've never had a real problem with stitching first and asking questions later. Cotton is extremely pliable and resilient, so it will relax after it's been laundered, can be re-shaped if still damp, and will continue to un-shrink some from use. However, with the myriad fabrics, threads and dyes out there they all behave differently when used in different combination with one another. Use your own judgement, but for this tote: you can stitch it first, then just be sure to launder it in cold water.

Are the printed totes coming back? Yes they are, so check back soon! xo

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