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Embroidery Gift Guide!

• You still have a few days left to get your order in by Friday, December 18, 2015 6pm PST

Wondering what your stitcher wants? They want our exclusive goods! Start here...


1 • TOOL CASES Magnet-lined and available with (or without) tools, in our custom styles!
2 • FINE TIP TRANSFER PENS A must-have tool for creative needleworkers. Designed to create a fine line that is easily hidden by your stitches. 
3 • EMBROIDERY NEEDLES These are my favorite needles for embroidery! The cute magnet is a plus, too! 
4 • WOVEN LABELS They'll get the message with our sew-in labels. Lots of sayings available! You won't have to say another word...

Having the right fabric to stitch on and a nice floss is what counts.

5 • PLAIN HANDKERCHIEFS These sweetly simple hankies have become our most popular textiles to stitch! Not too thin, not too thick, and lovely to personalize with Monogram Patterns or Hanky Corners Patterns! 
6 • SUBLIME FLOSS Tough decisions are made easy with the full range of Sublime Floss palettes! Our exclusive floss colors are colorfast, smooth and extra long staple (that means exceptional quality)!
7 • PRINTED TEXTILES Stamped with a wash-out ink, these large designs are easy and ready to stitch up. All limited runs, once they're gone, they're gone! 

Gift the gift of an education in embroidery! (It will last a lifetime.)

8 • EMBROIDERED EFFECTS (signed copy) My book starts with the very basics and takes you beyond what you think embroidery can and can't do.
9 • ULTIMATE EMBROIDERY KIT This all-in-one kit will get anyone started in embroidery -and keep them stitching with its high-quality tools. Available in five different pattern / color combos!
10 • FOLK FOXES PILLOW COVER & KIT A full-color design! Just stitch to match the colors! Great for a beginner (or experienced stitcher who can't be bothered to make tough color choices). Comes with all the floss colors to match and complete the pillow! 

And of course, if you really can't make up your mind, don't forget we have...

• You have a few days left to get your order in by Friday, December 18, 2015 6pm PST • 

Want more? Okay...


I hope all your holiday wishes come true! xoxo Jenny


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  • Jenny / Sublime Stitching on

    Hi Susan! We DO have a yoga-themed pattern sheet! Just search “Om Sweet Om” xo

  • Susan Fergusoon on

    Please do a yoga themed pillow cover!

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