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The Metropolitan Museum of Art x Sublime Stitching

Do you know how textile pattern publishing began? Did you ever imagine that there were pattern booklets for inspiration and templates dating as far back as 16th century Europe? I didn't.

When The Metropolitan Museum of Art asked me to design an embroidery kit based on their significant collection of these very early pattern books (which would also include maxims on how to live a proper and good life), I was in heaven. The Met's significant collection of these books had not been publicly exhibited since 1938.

I am thrilled to announce that our embroidery kit, designed exclusively for their exhibition, Fashion and Virtue, is now available online! 

FLORA, FAUNA & FANTASY • Designs from the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Going through the archives, tasked with paring my choices down to just one sheet was no easy feat. so, I went with my very favorites: fantastical animals, mysterious flowers and beautiful borders.

The exhibition has now completed its run, but I urge you to read all about Fashion and Virtue here.

Get the patterns:

FLORA, FAUNA & FANTASY • Designs from the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art


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  • Netochka on

    I know i am late to the party, and i see the kits are sold out on the MET site, but any chance that you will be replicating these kits? If not, can you recall which floss sets were enclosed? They are truly lovely.

  • Edee Surrell on

    How absolutely thrilling! I am so happy for you!!

  • Jenny / Sublime Stitching on

    Thank you SO much Elizabeth! xo

  • Elizabeth on

    I was at the Met (and the Cloisters) last month and saw your kit – I just about fell over when I saw it! I’m so happy for your success!

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