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New Embroidery Patterns BIG BLOOMS

Not too long ago, I was asked to pleasepleaseplease make BIG FLOWERS embroidery patterns. Your wish is my command! I thought it was a great idea, so here they are!

• BIG BLOOMS Hand Embroidery Patterns • These are our BIG SHEET transfer patterns which means...

The sheet is twice the size of our standard sheets, and the transfer sheet comes with COLOR guides! The PDF version has even more color guides, and I made the flowers even larger on the PDF where I could.

Oh, and there are some critters to go along with them...

There's a big bumble bee and also some little honey bees you can arrange around your bouquet!

Want to see how I filled in my bee?

When filling, I usually wing it. (Heh.) For the small sections I used a satin stitch and for the largest, dark area I used this filling technique. The rest is worked in a back stitch. For the area just below his head, I worked in a rotating stitch, starting at the edge and returning my needle to the center like a starburst so it kind of looked fuzzy.

There's also this little guy...

(I left my thumb in the picture so you could see the size.) This was stitched by my good friend Ginger, and you can see her stitches are very neat and tidy! I especially love how she treated the edge of the lily pad, alternating dark and pale green.

Here's my pillow, hanging out with the Tuesday Bassen patterns! Each are stitched on our pillow covers found here. 

Wondering how I made my rose look like that? I worked it in the easiest chain stitch, using Taffy Pull embroidery floss.

I'll have more tips coming on how to make your Big Blooms look more like a true bouquet! Until then, get your BIG BLOOMS Transfer Patterns here! xo

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  • Sandy on

    Hey Jenny! Love the Big Blooms! I desperately need to know what stitch Ginger used on the edge of the lily pad. Looks like couching or possibly overcast (Trailing). It’s beautiful!

  • Nancy on

    Love these Big Blooms! Very Pretty!
    Have a super great stitching day!

  • Tess on

    Ooo! I’m just abuzz with ideas for this new pattern!

  • Risé St Arno on

    Make it spring and summer any time.

  • Anne on

    I like big blooms & I can not lie!

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