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New Printed Tote! Double Dutch

New printed tote! It's our Most Awesome Tote Bag, pre-printed with an oversized, Dutchy design in wash-out ink! So, yeah: you could totally just stitch up part of the design and then wash out the rest, if you wanted to. But what fun would that be? Just look at how irresistibly over-the-top this motif is! You just hafta do the whole thing.

Intimidated by colors? Well, the Flowerbox and Rainbow palettes were used on the example shown here, and it comes with two different color guides! But if you said "to heck with it, I'm just going to stitch the whole thing up in red and nothing else so nyeah" it will still look completely beautiemous. 

DOUBLE DUTCH - Printed Tote Bag

also available separately:

Double Dutch - PDF Pattern (included free with the printed tote)

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