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Giveaway! Win a $50 ebook Library from Chronicle Books! (ended)

This blog post is a play in three acts. Don't leave before intermission! Here goes:

Act I: The Announcement. (An embroidery designer's studio. She is typing a blog post after receiving some exciting news from her publisher. A dog is snoozing nearby.)
I am super excited that my book, Embroidered Effects (Chronicle Books) is now available as an ebook! Sure, you don't get the transfer patterns that come with the hardcover edition, but Embroidered Effects holds a wealth of visual reference material to use on-the-go.

Embroidered Effects is now available as an ebook for:

Act II: The Sale. (The headquarter's of Chronicle Books in San Francisco. A promotional plan is being hatched.) It's Craft Month at Chronicle Books Eye Candy! You have through September 30th to get these ebook titles for 75% off! 

Act III: The Giveaway. (Back at the embroidery designer's studio, she has teamed up with the people at Chronicle Books in San Francisco). The very nice people at Chronicle Books are giving away a $50 Chronicle Ebooks Library to one lucky (randomly chosen) commenter to my blog. Could it be you? It could be!


♥ For this giveaway, one winner will receive a $50 Chronicle Ebooks Library (Apple iBookstore versions) ♥

Comment on this blog post! Please note: comments don't appear immediately. They are moderated first, so don't panic if your comment doesn't show up right away, and please don't comment more than once. Also, not all earliest-made comments may appear (they're getting bumped off at the bottom - need to fix that). Don't worry if you can't find your earlier comment! We can see ALL comments that have been made on our side. Promise! 

Comments will be closed on Wednesday 09/25/13 at NOON PST. One winner will be picked and announced right here by Thursday 09/26/13 7pm PST. Good luck! Consolation prizes may be offered...

CONGRATULATIONS ♥ AMANDA BEST   WINS THE $50 Chronicle Books ebook library! 

Two others names were randomly picked for runner-up gifts:

Hadassah Levyski will receive a Double Dutch Tote Bag!

Gaby Bryan will receives a $10 discount coupon!

Everyone else...don't think I forgot about you!

Enter IMAWINNER2 at checkout for 10% off any woven labels, good now through this Sunday 9/30/2013! xoxo

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