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New: HOOP FLAIR Magnetic Needle Minders!

Hoop Flair Magnetic Needle Minders from Sublime Stiching

Magnetic needle minders are a thing, and enamel pins are a thing, so...why not make "Hoop Flair" a thing? Okay then! Ta daa: Hoop Flair™ needle minders! It's a thing. Well, actually Sublime Stitchers, that will be up to you...

HOOP FLAIR™ Magnetic Needle Keepers from Sublime Stitching

For the uninitiated, a "needle minder" or "needle keeper" is usually a decorative magnet you attach to the fabric you're working on. When you need to set your needle down just for a moment (or two), stick it to the magnet. (Oh but, you knew that already.) 

Sublime Stitching Embroidery Supplies by Jenny Hart

I began noticing that I never have my pincushion where I need it, and sticking my needle in the arm of the couch isn't that cool, and there's still that one stray needle I dropped in between the cushions I dread "coming across"...the time for needle minders has entered my life!

Hoop Flair Needle Minders from Sublime Stitching Rainbow Hearts

When I was in the 6th grade, I had a necklace just like this. You too? Sigh. No? Well who doesn't love hearts and rainbows? (I don't need to know.)

You don't embroider or sew? That's okay, you still have my permission to own one and wear it. Enjoy!

HOOP FLAIR Magnetic Needle Minders from Sublime Stiching

HOOP • FLAIR - Magnetic Needle Minder from Sublime Stitching


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  • Margaret on

    These are so cute and very handy to keep track of your needle. I must get one!

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