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February is National Embroidery Month! Let's TEACH each other...

National Teach Embroidery Month

Did you know that February is National Embroidery Month? (It is, mom.) Let's celebrate it in a meaningful way, by making it TEACH Embroidery Month! You are going to become an embroidery teacher. Here's how...

The mission of Sublime Stitching from day one has been to encourage anyone and everyone to try hand embroidery with contemporary patterns, all-in-one kits, updated educational resources, innovative tools and inspiration. Really, every month is Teach Embroidery month here...

I know how wonderful it feels to teach someone to embroider, so why don't YOU get in on these good feels?

Here's how you can join me in my efforts, and how I can help you teach someone:

1. You build the kit. Gather your extra embroidery supplies! I know you have like, 20 pairs of embroidery scissors and at least 8 hoops. I bet you have plenty of loaners lurking around.

2. We send you the patterns. (Yes, internationally, too!) Email us with your name and address, and tell us you are going to teach a friend (or group of friends) how to embroider. We will send you FREE Sublime Stitching patterns and instructional materials! Yes, really.

Not so fast! I want something in return.

3. I want photos of you teaching. I don't care if they're Pinterest-worthy or not! I want the names of who's stitching, where you gathered, the jokes that were told, the snacks that were nibbled, the pricked fingers, and the results -be they humble or daring.

How should you share your photos? You can email them to us, or use the tag:


All in February, I am going to be sharing and reposting as many of your stories as I can, while also teaching as many people embroidery as I can.

If you're committed to doing this in exchange for free patterns, email my gal and she'll hook you up!


Who's with me? I can't wait to see your smiling, embroidering faces!

xo Jenny

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  • Kathy on

    How did I miss this?!? I’d like to teach the special education young adults that I work with to embroider.

  • Dianna Kelly on

    We have a TAG – Teach another generation – sewing group of junior sewers. We have dedicated April to an embroidery lesson – our February was already topic taken to sew we have 6 girls ages 11 to 16 in the group…would love some free patterns for this age group and lesson materials

  • Barbie Mitchell on

    I’d like to teach my craft group. Could I get some more details and the pattern ❤️❤️X

  • Rhonda Keele on

    I want to teach a friend but I don’t know how to get the teach embroider month pattern—- PLEASE HELP!

  • Annie on

    I would like to teach my quilting friends to do embroidery!

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