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About Sublime Floss

100% Extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton • Colorfast • Fade Resistant • Mercerized • Premium Twist 

Why did you make your own floss?
For years I dreamed of having my own line of embroidery floss! And for just as many years, we have struggled with keeping embroidery colors in stock for our custom floss palettes and project kits. Running out of one color meant not being able to offer the whole palette, or even an entire kit. We had a serious floss problem, and had to find a solution.

How’s the quality? 
Sublime Floss™ is extra long staple (35-36mm) Egyptian cotton. It has a lovely sheen, is smooth and soft, separates easily and needs no pre-conditioning! It is a slightly finer thread, which means that any stitcher can begin working with it immediately –no separating required. But don't take my word for it. Here's a rigorous, independent review of Sublime Floss on Needle 'n Thread.

Stitchers say:

"I LOVE THIS THREAD. It divides like a dream and is super to stitch with." - Nicole Hornsby

"They are the most beautiful colors imaginable. [Your palettes] inspired me to stitch an
 entirely different chart than what I had planned." Rosemarie Proulx

"Besides loving the colors, I love the tightness (all while retaining it’s soft, buttery feel). This floss really holds up to prolonged stitching without getting separated, thin, or fuzzy. I love you, floss." - Happy Zombie

"The colors, the shine! It shines like satin floss! But nope! This is wonderful cotton! Stitchers are going to go nuts over this floss." - Erin Brooke McDonald

Do the colors run?
Nope! Not a bit. We tested reds, blacks and purples in a hot wash (although a cold wash is recommended). They didn’t bleed or fade. The sheen stayed, too! 


Why is a palette a good option for an embroiderer?
Even the most experienced stitchers (myself included) can be intimidated by the myriad color choices offered. There may be thirteen pinks, twenty blues…Color coordinating takes a lot of pre-planning and trial and error. These palettes have been painstakingly selected to complement one another and lend a cohesive look to any project. Parlour for dark and rich designs, Frosting for fun and sweet projects. Easy for the newbie, fun for the veteran.


What’s up with these crazy names?
Every palette tells a story, and each color is a character! “Lip Gloss”, “Fainting Couch” and “Absinthe” are just a few. Don’t miss the fun, tiny messages on the paper bands!

What are “Mingles”?
This is the FIRST pre-blended embroidery floss! Every skein in Mingles is made up of two solid colors combined (three ply + three ply). Previously, the only way to achieve this affect was for you to strip away the strands of floss from one skein, and re-combine them by hand. Our pre-blended floss options like “Woodgrain” (light brown / dark brown) and “Dalmation” (black / white) are the first pre-blends ever available to embroiderers! Just remember us when the big guys start doing it, won't you? ;)

Are the colors available individually?
Not yet, but it is a future possibility, along with more color palettes! 

Is Sublime Floss™ available wholesale?
Yes it is! Please contact us to open a wholesale account.

I truly hope you enjoy stitching with Sublime Floss, and please let us know how you like it!

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