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Artists for Sublime Stitching

In 2007, Sublime Stitching introduced an artist series for embroidery -the first of its kind. Combining the work of known and emerging fine artists, illustrators and cartoonists with embroidery has given stitchers an entirely new mix of art and craft. We have a long wish-list for the series, but we still want to know:
Who would you most like to see next

Ryan Berkley patterns // Ryan's website

Molly Crabapple patterns // Molly's website

Carson Ellis patterns // Carson's website

Kurt Halsey patterns // Kurt's website

Daniel Johnston patterns // Daniel's website

Heidi Kenney patterns // Heidi's website

Apelad patterns // Adam's website

Elsie Larson pattern // Elsie's website

The Black Apple patterns // Emily's website

Tara McPherson patterns // Tara's website

Rosie Music patterns // Rosie's website

Mitch O'Connell patterns // Mitch's website

Erin Paisley patterns // Erin's website

Lisa Petrucci patterns // Lisa's website

Michael Sieben patterns // Michael's website

Andrée Tracey patterns // Andrée's website

Alicia Traveria patterns // Alicia's website

Julie West patterns // Julie's website

Jim Woodring patterns // Jim's website

We are fans. And, we are honored that these artist have lent their talents to us, and to you!

WhoOooO will be next?