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How-To: Embroider Your Own Handwriting

by Jenny Hart


Embroidered handwriting is my favorite. Nothing is sweeter, more charming, more perfectly imperfect. 

But if the thought of writing directly onto your fabric gives you fits, here's how you can transfer your writing, position it and then embroider it! 

How To Hand Embroider Your Handwriting with NO Mistakes!

First, you will need my Heavy Duty Tracing Paper:

Lay a sheet of Heavy Duty Tracing Paper over your fabric (the pattern that's already stamped here is from my Ribbons & Banners pattern sheet).
Then write your name, words, saying or personal motto onto the tracing paper. This way, if you mess up, you can do it again.
Then position your word or words where you'd like them to appear on the design:

Once you get it right where you want it, weight it down on one side so it doesn't move. (Be sure you are doing this on a smooth, hard surface.) 


Slip a sheet of this Carbon Transfer Paper between the tracing paper and your fabric. 

Pressing hard, trace your writing (I'm using our tracing stylus here) to make an imprint on your fabric. 

The result?

Your writing is right where you want it, all ready to embroider!

Sublime Stitching supplies shown:

Heavy Duty Tracing Paper

Carbon Transfer Paper

Tracing Stylus

Ribbons & Banners Embroidery Patterns


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Show me your stitched handwriting! Post it to me on instagram @sublimestitching and tag it #thewrittenstitch


Text, photos, diagrams and instructions by Jenny Hart ♥ © 2002 - 2014 Sublime Stitching ®.  
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