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How-To: Floss Organizing Rack

by Jenny Hart


For years you have asked me how I organize my floss. I don't.

Well, that's not entirely true. I do sort of have a "method". It's my floss rack: 

When I first began embroidering, I was instantly drawn to a spool rack for keeping my embroidery floss at the ready, even though it's not intended for embroidery at all.


I was doing exactly what you're not supposed to do: removing the paper bands from the skein of floss, working with it for a while, then re-winding the remaining floss quickly around three fingers to make the little bundles like these:

I always keep the rack nearby, where I can easily see and pull the colors I'm working with:

(There are two hooks mounted on the side of my book case that the rack is hanging on. Legs pop out from the back of the rack if I want to move it to my work table instead.)


Little bins and drawers do come in handy for storing floss that is still waiting to be used:

And of course, I have more than one tangled stash that looks like this:

Alternatives? Sure, you can wind your floss on bobbins, store it in baggies on rings, separate it by color into tiny segmented bins...but I like my floss rack the best.

Numbers? What if you want to keep track of your numbers and still use a rack? How about this:


Now, I'm not saying this is the best method for you, but for fifteen years, it's been the best method for me. 

Oh, floss rack. I love you.

Show me your floss rack! Post it to me on instagram @sublimestitching and tag it #myflossrack
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