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Satin Stitch Primer

How do I solidly fill in a shape? And how long can I make my stitches? And what if they don't look nice around the edges and I cry?  Whoah now. You can fill up a shape with stitches any number of ways (concentric split stitches, random straight stitches, fill it with French knots), but a satin stitch is a good method to know. (Doesn't have to actually be worked in or on satin, fyi.)

Step 1: Let's say you have a space on your pattern you want to fill in. Like this.

Step 2: Start by bringing your needle up from behind your hoop, along the pattern line. I think it's easier to start in the middle of the shape and work outward toward each end. Imagine if this were a circle: spanning the diameter first is much easier than trying to start at the outer edge.