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Upcycle Contest Winners!

1st Place: Lipstick Tube Pin Cushion
Not only is this an awesome idea and great use of waste that generally cannot be recycled,
but it's also something that would come in handy to any stitcher. Just don't get it mixed up with your real lipstick. Ouch!



2nd Place: Upcycled Embroidery Wall Art
This piece was thoughtfully conceived down to every last detail. A great example of
resourceful de-construction, which is essential to upcycling.



3rd Place: Upcycled Shopping Bag Cocktail Dress
Weaving plastic bags before fusing them? Brilliant! One thing that bugs me about fused plastic bag
fabric is that the store logos are still visible. Kudos to this technique and a kickin' dress!



Winners hand picked by our own Jenny Hart and the awesome Autumn Wiggins, of The Upcycle Exchange, and regular contributor to Crafting a Green World.

To see more entries check out our Customer Gallery.  

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