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Sublime Stitching Blog

WHAT TO WATCH (while embroidering)

I watch a lot of movies while I'm embroidering. It's not as easy as knitting, since you have to keep your eyes on your work. But this movie kept my eyes off my stitching. It just came out on DVD and is a good 'un. If you like sweet, absurdist films in undiscovered foreign languages (optional subtitles in Esperanto), this is for you. It has it all: sasquatch, an accordian serenade, nightvision's dreamy and funny and I've watched it twice. Plus I love how the gunfire on the box cover looks like embroidery stitches (that would be a hidden...

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Looky! Thanks to the purse-making help of Sparkle Craft I embroidered this bag which will be on display at the Dress Up Show in Los Angeles, opening next Wednesday. Artists were invited to decorate a purse, shoes or a hat for this exhibit including: Fawn Gehweiler, Dame Darcy and Gary Baseman. Opening reception: Wednesday February, 4th from 8-11pm at Star Shoes, 6364 Hollywood Blvd.

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A Blog is Born (again)

New Stuff

Hey! I've turned this news page into a blog! Isn't that neato? Now I don't have to fret about re-doing the whole page, and you can get more frequent updates. It's kind of plain now (here's a party pic for fun), but check back soon for the scoop on the Gift Certificate Drawing, the new How-to section, and the embroidered purse I'll be showing in LA this weekend. swak, Jenny p.s. Did you notice that the pincushions are back?

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