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Who is this boy, and why is he clutching my pillow? That's what I wanted to know as I flipped through the latest issue of BUST magazine. Editor/Publisher Debbie Stoller informed me that he is Sondre Lerche and he "just grabbed it off our couch" clutching it for the photo shoot. Neato! I designed that pillow a couple of years ago and gave one to Debbie as a gift. Can I have it back now? Oh~ when you get the latest issue of BUST, don't miss the coverage on the Austin Craft Mafia on page 20!

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Today, let's embroider Iggy Pop. I'm working on this piece for an upcoming exhibit at Gallery Lombardi during SXSW. I hope to finish it in time, 'cause I'm really excited about this show. Just look at the curator Nathan James' website, The Rawk Show, and you'll see why. I'll post Iggy when he's finished. Sorry, that's Mr. Pop to me.

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I love my Japanese customers. I have a letter from one that I keep over my desk telling me about the rainy season (Tsuyu) and wishing me to visit Japan. So sweet. They always send cute little notes to me. Today when I checked my email, I found this waiting: i'm from japan. i love your stitching. i don't like stiching but i will try it becouse your patterns are so cute!!!!! i read your page in japanease. i didn't understan becase little bit strage japanese. you didn't ask to translate who live in japan right? I think they will...

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Of course there are all types of needlework. Embroidery-as-tattoo is just a perfect marraige of needle crafts to make a rather witty combo -don't you find, darling? (Oh yes. Indeed.) I've long admired the extensive embroidery work Sherri and Andrea put onto a bunch of dollies. Check out the Tattoo Baby Doll Project over there at Dainty Time.

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Toaster Purse! Okay, so this isn't entirely related to embroidery, but there's a little stitched smile on that piece of toast, so it qualifies. Ich luff this purse. I also love Heidi's other purses and thingers at My Paper Crane. Don't miss the Dead Cat purse, the Inhaler purse, and of course you can buy a lot of 100 paper cranes. How very sweet.

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