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Fine Tip Iron-On Transfer Pen

• MORE COMING • Finally! A fine tip, heat transfer pen! No more pumping and shaking, globs of ink, or fat lines that you can't cover with your stitches! Delicate lines for fine embroidery designs. For use with PDF printout patterns, embroidery patterns that no longer imprint, or your own original designs! The ink will transfer multiple times to pre-heated fabric with a hot, dry iron. Just remember that any lettering on your design will need to be reversed or it will appear backwards when you imprint it. (You're smart, you probably would've figured that out on your own.) Time to upgrade your transfer pencil!

  • .5mm nib
  • continuous ink flow (no pumping, shaking or ink globs)
  • transfers multiple times to pre-heated fabric with a hot iron
  • lines are easily hidden by tiny stitches

✓ Comes with a FREE PDF of the "So Fine" pattern shown! Pattern also available here.

Ink color: dark blue (ink is permanent)

FINE TIP Transfer Pen - Blue

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